Spirit Pendant


The SpiritStone pendant radiates warmth and happiness.  It offers emotional strength in difficult times and leads to recovery from despair and grief.  It is both optimistic and uplifting which rejuvenates the spirit. Orange is the color of one of the five basic elements and represents the life force  energy and the soul.

In the Marvel universe it is called the Soul Gem, one of the six Infinity Stones. It is the keeper of souls that we love who are no longer with us.  In order to possess it someone you love has to die.


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The SpiritStone is balanced from an 18″ silver necklace.  The glass measures approximately 3/4″ x 1″.  Each piece is unique and reflects orange with a flash of red and yellow

Additional information

Weight .1 oz

18" Silver


Glass size is about 3/4" x 1"


Tangerine Orange with streaks of red and yellow

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