Livininhope Necklace


This is the signature pendant of letsSave25000, the “livin in hope “ medallion. The two main glass pieces are emerald green and royal blue the colors associated with Donate Life and organ donation.  These colors also refer to Mother Earth and Father Sky which are needed to support life.  Hanging between with three gold loops is a smaller glass stone that is fire orange and signifies life itself, the spirit that resides in all of us..  The larger stones support the life force completing the idea that all life is interrelated.

It is a truly stunning piece.





The Livininhope Necklace is balanced from an 18″ silver necklace.  The Emerald Green and Royal Blue stones measure 3/4″ x 1″ and the Tangerine Orange stone measures 3/4″ in diameter.

Additional information

Weight .1 oz

18" Silver


The royal blue and emerald green stones measure 3/4 x 1 and the tangerine orange stone is 3/4" in diameter.


Tangerine Orange with streaks of red and yellow