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Worcester Telegram Letter to the Editor

Feb 22nd 2019

In November 2017 I was diagnosed with end-stage liver disease. Over the next 14 months I attempted to prepare my body and mind for surgery. While many things can and did go right, the human body has a way of finding its own path. I write this from the seventh floor at UMass Medical 50 days after my first admittance.

I was one of the lucky ones who walked in the hospital next to my living donor, who also is my son, Benjamin. His twin sister, Jessy, also volunteered to part with a piece of her liver and the decision as to which liver was chosen was left to the medical staff.

First surgery was Jan. 8 and after 24 hours Ben’s liver failed to attach completely (faulty wiring on my part). For 10 days his liver worked inside of me and then the numbers climbed and it became critical that a donor liver be found which it was. Twelve days after the first transplant the second was performed and it worked.

So I am an example of both protocols, living and deceased. You can not imagine the amazing folks who run New England’s clinic. From surgeons, support doctors, nurses, clinical psychiatrists, social workers and dietitians … everyone works their magic.

You can do your part. It is the simplest contract you will sign. When you no longer need these organs, people get the gift of life. In our passing we can help eight people live and it costs nothing. Please consider signing up to be a donor.


Todd Mogren